It was created for you. To provide a voice of reason in a world filled with expectations – to share perspective grounded in real-life experience to help you sort through the daily challenges of professional life.

What is consistently lacking throughout industry today is a focus on personal mentoring. Committed guides and allies willing to listen and provide honest, considerate feedback in an effort to help you move ahead.

Having experienced this deficit personally throughout a 20+ year career, I created Bright Light to help fill that void so you don’t have to go it alone.

Regardless of industry or place in life we all struggle – with work/life balance, daily conflicts – personal and professional, securing a future, acknowledging or identifying “success,” personal relationships, taking chances, trusting our instincts, believing in ourselves and our dreams.

Bright Light exists solely to advise through these challenging areas of life – providing an empathetic ear, a voice of logic and reason and a source of encouragement.