Following you’ll find pricing for our working sessions. It’s a flexible model where you can choose individual sessions or more comprehensive packages for greater consistency.

We’ll kick things off with a 30-minute chat where you can share your topline challenges and initiatives. This also provides an opportunity to ensure our communication styles work well together. It’s important we have a connection and that you have a confidence your time will be well spent.

On the schedule page you’ll see that I offer phone/zoom sessions. Given the miracle of technology, meetings via phone and zoom have become more than just an option, they’ve become a standard practice given location and availability. If a face-to-face is not an immediate possibility, be assured – regardless of medium – our time together will be productive.

(30 minutes)

Single Session
(50 minutes)

3-session pack
(50 minutes)

Monthly Packages*

1 Month
(5 sessions)

6 Month
(7 sessions)

12 Month
(13 sessions)

(27 sessions)

* I am also open to discussing packages not listed that better address personal needs and avails – including day-rates for small group sessions or larger volume opportunities.