käriWhen I first met my husband he referred to me in a way I’ve not forgotten, he called me a “bright light.” I loved what it stood for and what it inspired in me.

My goal each and every day is to bring lightheartedness, inspiration and opportunity to the daily grind and to the workdays of those around me – to be a voice of reason, experience and honesty. Through this daily practice I hope to inspire others to share their own light.

For 20+ years I’ve navigated a crazy business. I’ve been in the trenches, done the 80 hour weeks, balanced work and motherhood – both married and as a single parent – I’ve worked for the title and I’ve climbed the ladder. I’ve weathered the stresses of that over-glorified statement, “having it all,” which on the bright side included promotions, money, travel and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, but on the darker side consisted of judgments, missed moments, divorce and financial woes. I’ve experienced success and excitement, heartbreak and disillusionment.

I have an approach drawn from years of experience. Decades of leading, strategizing, producing, managing, training and problem-solving – and years spent very specifically as a leader in Talent Development – serve as the foundation for my business and the work we will do together. Together we will clearly define your professional goals while ensuring you are equipped to navigate the professional storms and challenges that come your way.

I am not a therapist, though I often feel like one. I don’t have all the answers, but will talk things through until you discover your own or we identify them together. I can push you where others might not and support you where others might not, helping you to feel confident in the decisions you’re making and the future you’re creating.

If you’re in need of an experienced ally, a collaborator more than a therapist, someone willing to walk beside you as you navigate your professional path, please take a look at the “me“, “you” and “us” pages to learn more about what we can accomplish together.

And when you’re ready, give me a call. I’d be honored to provide a light when the road ahead feels a bit dark.