Love is Exhausting

This morning I woke-up to a loving husband gazing over me, my dog pawing and whining at my bedside and my cat trying to wedge his way into the middle of it all. An absolutely adoring crowd with an abundance of love to share with me. Why did I feel overwhelmed?

Because with love comes responsibility. We’re taught that real love is selfless and given unconditionally, but the truth of it is, love given wants to be loved back. And personally, with all that love coming my way, I immediately felt the pressure to reciprocate. And it was 6am. And I hadn’t had my coffee.

It’s natural to feel both grateful and exhausted by those you love and who love you. And it’s ok to acknowledge that sometimes you’re running on fumes. It’s in those very moments we should practice the art of appreciation.

Focus on simply accepting the love being offered. Trust there are no strings attached, no hidden agendas or expectations, and just let yourself be adored. Don’t miss-out on that restorative gift called “gratefulness” because you’re so focused on how best to reciprocate.

Most of us aren’t very good at just sitting back and taking what is lovingly being offered, but it’s a worthwhile practice, because in receiving, our tanks are replenished.

Don’t worry, when you’re refueled and able to give back, you will. How do I know? Because you always do…


2 Responses to “Love is Exhausting”

  1. Bridget says:

    Wow !! Speechless there are really no words for this. I have read this 12 times now and I am convinced you were in my house this morning(minus the cat) . Accepting the love of others something makes me feel not in control. It is hard to sit back and take what is being offered . So today I will allow myself to enjoy the love that is coming my way and in my due season I will give back my haverst to those who poured into me.

    • Kari says:

      Hi Bridget – I am so sorry I am only replying now, but I only just learned I had this function! haha

      Acceptance is such an important word and concept in life. We are all just so programmed to be on the giving/doing side that we can’t always find our way to receiving.

      I am so glad – even if a year ago (haha) – that you allowed yourself to enjoy the love that I KNOW came your way.

      As with everything, it’s a practice. The great news is in this case, the practice isn’t hard, it’s actually pretty awesome.

      My best,

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